Friday, October 31, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup Day!

One of my favorite day's of the year was yesterday, October 30th.

This is what happens at our house, on that day.. I make homemade chicken noodle soup, and homemade rolls (which is saying alot for me!) When we sit down to eat it, this is the story that is told.

8 years ago tonight, I was shopping at a store with daddy, I bought a cute little baby blanket that was red and blue, daddy asked "what are you going to do if it is a girl?" "It is not, it is a boy!" walking down a few more isle's I got a really weird feeling. "Malen we have to go home, RIGHT NOW!" So we paid for our blanket and whatever else we had put in our shopping cart and headed home. Nothing new at home, so I just started to make dinner, I was making rolls and yummy homemade chicken noodle soup, when there was a knock on the door.

It was our social worker, Lynn. He walks in the house all smiles and said, "guess what I have in my hand?" He was holding an envelope. "I have your baby in my hand!" "what? We are confused!!" Lynn hands us the envelope and said you have a baby coming in 2 weeks, a birth mother picked you!! we opened the envelope to a printed out piece of paper. It said basically nothing, it read due date: November 15th. Sex: girl Birth mother: Wanita (sorry Juanita, but they spelled it wrong!!) Which is why I spelled it wrong at first!!
face to face: Nov. 1st in Provo

Lynn peeked his head into the blue nursery we had been getting all ready, because I knew this was coming, yeah yeah, laugh all you want, but I could feel it, and I knew. "you may want to repaint!" Lynn laughed and Malen said, "Wendy, you said you knew it was going to be a boy!"

I don't think we even ate our chicken noodle soup that night, we were too excited and nervous! But we have had it for the last 8 years to celebrate Chicken noodle soup day!!

I love you so much Sky, you are our little miracle and blessing!! I love you so much Juanita for giving us the opportunity to be Sky's mom and dad and trusting us!!

Happy Chicken Noodle Soup DAY!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reaping the Rewards!

I have been on a diet for about a month now, when I really put my mind to it, I can lose weight, it just takes me a while to DO IT! I have lost about 10 lbs. and want to lose 12 more to get to my goal weight! My family and I went to lunch at Chili's
and I must admit I was looking fine in my Miss Me jeans, and Juicy Couture heels, when I walked past a table of 3 college kids. One of them said "Wow, she' is hot!" Then the other two were like Yeah, Man! Trivial I know, I am happily married, but for some reason when three, 20 something boys think a 30 something mom is hot, it made me feel HOT! After there comment, it reminded me of how much hotter I can be, so I sat down at Chili's and ordered a side salad!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This video is amazing, it is from the Catholic Church, they are not telling their members how
to vote, but they really got their message across, I love it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I am not that bad

Well after Kristal called it to my attention with the shenis talk, and the good in bed post, the comment whore button, and now I have added the good in bed button to my blog, I am feeling my blog is becoming a skank! I just have to tell you all, that I am not one, well maybe I am, but I usually don't advertise it! Maybe it is just subconscious and I am trying to tell you all something, who knows!

Anyways, Kristal tagged me, I am supposed to add 7 things about myself, I know I have gotten a few tags lately and I have been bad at doing them! Sorry to all my tag your it's! I just did a post on my house of art blog not too long ago like this, it was 7 quirky things about me: you can click on that link, if you missed it, and really want to know more about my bad habits!

I think this one is just 7 things about me, you all might not know

  1. we live 3 months of the year in Scottsdale, Arizona (we are not going back this year and I already have anxiety about staying here ALL WINTER LONG!)

  2. I had 4 miscarriages, both of my babies are adopted, I rarely tell people, even if they ask

  3. I weigh myself twice a day, or after going to the bathroom.

  4. I do anything I can to avoid cleaning.

  5. We travel so much, I get bored when I am home for too long.

  6. I am very easy going, it takes a lot to get me mad, stressed or worried about anything, which drives my husband crazy! because I don't worry enough.

  7. we have 4 llama's, 2 bunnies and 2 dogs! and I actually am sad that the "Girls Next Door" broke up.

There you have it, you can judge me all you like, but I still look hot in my bikini on the side bar!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Needs Constant Adult Supervision!

What does the average person do when they pass a road kill raccoon on the side of the road?

What does the Crazy Artist with ADHD do? Pick up the raccoon, go to Wal*Mart, buy it shorts and sunglasses, dress it and hang on their friends fence! YEAH the dead raccoon wants to go swimming in the pool!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Christmas shopping is done!

While Malen was in Texas, he and an old friend went out to dinner, his girlfriend invented the shenis. When I watched the video's on this website I was laughing so hard!! I have the perfect gift for everyone this year now. Really my husband thinks this is a joke, but I secretly want one, can you imagine camping, or going on a hike and not having to squat in the bushes and get pee all over your shoes!

I want to warn those who do go in this website, don't go to the site while your kids are in the room, the photo looks a little bad, but the video of the 4 girls peeing is priceless!

Can I order these by the dozen?


click at your own risk.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How in the bleep

After eating Pizza one night for dinner I walk into the kitchen to find puppy on the counter having pizza too!! Naughty little dog!! I don't know how she got up there, I guess she climbed on the chair, then onto the counter? She is an escape artist, she gets out of everything! My neighbor came over last night to tell me while we were gone, Daisy climbs to the top of the fence, (may I add it is 6 ft. tall,) and jumps over to the other side for freedom! This pup is TROUBLE!

please note, I know my kitchen is dirty! we just had dinner, OK! and don't you love the biggest loser book, sitting in harmony right next to the pizza box!! Wonder what Bob Harper would think about that!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good in Bed

While reading Kristina's secret posts, I came across the link to a new blog: good in bed!
I am excited about this website, I think it is long past due. I think it is OK to talk about sex, and it is fun!! So I am going to follow this blog, and think it is going to be really interesting. I just wanted to give them a shout out, even though I don't have a ton of readers, maybe some of you haven't heard of it yet! Just click on the title of my post and it should take you there. Also what are your thoughts on this blog?? I have already left a comment, but wonder how many of my comments will be anonymous :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

oh what white teeth you have my dear


For the last 10 days I used Crest whitening strips on my teeth, 40 strips in all , morning and night! I have had a few people lately tell me my teeth look white, when I get ready in the morning my teeth look whiter to me, but you be the judge, here is my before and after photo, can you even tell which is which!! Oh what white teeth you have! better to eat you with my dear!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A death in the family.........

Today was a very sad day for me, for I had to cremate a very close, dear friend. I betrayed my robe while in Park City and bought a beautiful new chocolate brown fuzzy robe, one that will not look so worn and stained because of the demands I put upon it. I know most robes should never be worn while painting, or welding, cooking, and cleaning, so the color of my new robe is perfect for me! Goodbye to my old robe, I love you.......

Please note: I did not know the camera was rolling before the robe set on fire, or I would have been nicer to the puppy, added funny commentary, and spoken smarter, yeah I know "turning the fire on!" but I was talking to a 4 year old!! yeah, that is a good excuse right!! I MEANT lighting the fire!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Road Side Service!

This past weekend was so great, shopping, eating, a fabulous facial and a new coach bag! But the highlight of the trip, was on our way home from Park City while driving in the fast lane in Parley's Canyon, Lynnette asked, "what is that noise?" I don't know I was wondering that myself, I thought it was the truck who was passing us, but after the truck past, I started to think, it may be my tire!!! We pull over to the side of the road, and yes indeed, it is my tire. Now what do we do, stand out by the car and look helpless? Pretend to attempt to change the tire in hopes that someone will notice we really don't know what we are doing, and come to our rescue? All these thoughts are going through my head, when suddenly I remember signing up for Chevron Road Side service a few years ago, I dig through my wallet, praying that this service hasn't expired because I don't really remember renewing it. Hallelujah! Expiration date 03/09!

I call the 800 number, when the nicest man answers the phone, are you injured, are you OK, we are SO sorry ma'am, someone will be right there!! and a half hour later I am back on the road, I am now the new spokes model for Chevron Travel Club! SO worth the money...... I was a little traumatized, so we stopped in SLC at Olive Garden for some pumpkin cheesecake, this is seasonal and they only carry it until Thanksgiving, I am telling you now, go get yourself a slice or an entire pie! You will thank me!!

On a side note, I got my prize from Mommy Madness! I was planning on taking a picture of it, but my kids attacked the candy and popcorn inside the tin! Thanks again Mommy Madness, it was really fun to get a package in the mail of Halloween goodies, my kids thank you too!!

and Thanks to Kristina who realized I had dropped off the edge of the earth!! After getting home from my girls weekend, I had a very messy house, laundry and lots of sleep to catch up on! but I am back baby! and yes, these are the only photos I took of my weekend!! forget all the fun, I caught the drama on camera, this is a photo of my friend Lynnette, it was FREEZING in the canyon while the guy was changing the tire, and yeah he probably thought I was nuts taking photos of him changing my tire, all for the sake of blogging!

Friday, October 10, 2008


And the winner for the amazing flower suckers, from Savvy Suckers is........

ERIN@ Sprouted!!!!

And the winner for the cupcakes from Swiss Miss is.........

Kristina P!!!

guess it pays for all her blogging work, and maybe it is her reward for her cupcake giveaway!! I started laughing when I saw her name as the winner!!!

Thanks for all your comments, and to the new friends!! I may be stalking you now.........

If you still want the cupcakes or another yummy baked treats, Swiss Miss Bakery is offering

all of you losers 10% off, anything in her Etsy bakery, you just need to enter this code RDB10

in the notes to seller and she'll send you a new invoice!! her prices are really reasonable!

and if any you want suckers, Lael's prices are great too, you will surprised!!

Here are the links...

Swiss Miss Bakery

Savvy Suckers

Not to go all political on you all, but please remember to buy homemade!! I know the economy is in the pits right now, and everyone is worried about their jobs, so think about us who are self employed and rely on you guys to buy are art and wares for our jobs, yeah kind of scary!!

Now my blog will be a little boring, and SO will your comments!! because I am off on a fabulous girls trip to Park City!! but I'll be back to stalk you soon!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Serial Killer

Fall is here, and fall where I live means two things to me, MICE and FLIES! The flies lurk outside the door, swarming, knowing their days are numbered if they remain outside, for it is getting colder. If they only knew certain death is their destiny if they enter the doors of my house. For I am a Serial killer, they may think they can fly in unnoticed, that they can just buzz around in the window seal, or land on plate of food to get a snack, and no one will be the wiser.

I stalk my prey, they don't even see it coming, maybe if they are lucky, I'll let them get comfortable, stay a day inside the nice warm house, and when they are least expecting it, I attack, my weapon of choice is Revenge Fly Bomb, sure I have tried various ways of torture, the fly swatter, or hair spraying them until they can no longer move, but in the Fall, I must use a weapon of mass destruction, the quantities are too great.. I fog each room, laughing as they start to panic, as they try to fly to fresh air, I slam the door, and go on to my next victims! Then when the entire house is sprayed, I leave, as they suffer and die. When I return, I smile as I sweep up all the dead bodies off my floor. I do not care if the odor may cause brain damage, or cancer to humans, it is a price I am willing to take.....

I will not confess the murders of the mice today, for I have already said way to much.........

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Parenting Tips.........

My friend Lynette was taking Solee to the park, when Solee (4) decides to share this great tidbit

"My mom bought me really nice conditioner, that will make my hair longer and smoother, but it is really expensive so we are not going to tell Dad" Lynette asks her, "why?" "Oh because he gets mad when my mom spends lots of money, so we just won't tell him."

"These shoes are killing my feet!" Lynette, "then take them off"

"But they are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!"

Again I have done another great job, by teaching by example, spend, spend, spend all you want, you just don't tell your husband!!! P.S. I did buy a 4 year old Matrix Biolage, she won't be high maintenance at all!!!

by the way if you are looking for the great giveaway, see the next post down!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Copy Catter - Dirty Ratter

There have been a million giveaways on blogs lately, and since everyone is doing it, I have fallen to the peer pressure! I hate to be a copy catter, But I was going to do a giveaway or something fun for my 100 post on my old blog, but since that won't be happening anytime soon, I am going to do a giveaway on my new blog, to get people to come by and say hi! I am so generous, I know. Stop, now you are just embarrassing me! The first fabulous give away is....................
Handmade Suckers, by Savvy Suckers!! Aren't they great, I love the flower bouquet, and if you think they are great, you should see them in person! I love the Wizard of Oz faces too.... The creater of these, is one of my greatest friends and she is so creative!!
and drum roll please................ The second give away is...........................

Red Velvet Pumpkins by Swiss Miss Bakery!! How yummy do these look!! There is a dozen of them, Twelve delicious Red Velvet Pumpkins are dipped in white chocolate and decorated for Fall. You surely will be the most popular house this year giving these out!These pumpkins are made with grandma's red velvet recipe and luscious creamy cream cheese frosting.One dozen pumpkins will arrive gift wrapped and ready for gift giving.

Now here are the rules!! For one entry, you leave one comment! For double entries, leave me a comment, then give me a shout out on you blog! come back and leave me a comment with the link showing me you've done me good, and you get 2 entries!!!

Good Luck, You have until Friday at Noon!!!
I am actually just doing this because I am on a diet and it will make me feel so much better if you all get FAT!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My favorite...

I was reading shark bait's blog and she had a fun post, for favorite Monday's. Today's favorite

is item of clothing. My favorite item of clothing is my robe! If you read my other blog, and

the 7 random things about me, I wear my robe to take Sky to school, but I wear it all the time!

If I am not leaving the house, it is on me, I wear it down the sidewalk chasing a dog, or down the street chasing a 4 year old on a bike, when I have told her she can't play with the neighbor, but she is going anyways!! I get out of bed, I don't get dressed, I put on my robe, I clean the house in it, the UPS guy sees me wearing it weekly! I wear it in the garden to grab a tomato! My neighbors think it is totally normal to see me in this, sad I know.... I even wear it to help my husband hold up sculptures, yeah I am wearing this in the shop while he welds........ not by choice, he'll come inside and ask me for help and I am wearing my robe!! It is ugly, dirty, and worn out, but I love it!!
I'd love to hear about your favorite article of clothing!

P.S. a 7 year old took this picture, I could chose from a blurry photo or one with my head cut off!!

Be Thou and Example

I have been so moved and motivated by all of your conference blogs, let me join in on the
conference blogging, to share with you what we did yesterday, we just the slightly less active and irreverent! I took the kids to the highly spiritual Beverly Hills Chihuahua! Now this movie didn't get great reviews, but I thought it was really cute! It was a comedy, and the dogs are dressed up in clothes, it was a joke! If you take the movie serious then yeah, you might not like it, but it was entertaining for a stay at home mom and a dog lover! If you are not either of those, then maybe this film is not for you. The kids and I had a good laugh, then on our way home, Sky begged and begged to go to Hollywood Video to see if he could rent the new Batman Lego game.

Sky manipulated me into going, I said they will be all sold out, that is a new video game.

Sky said "how about this" If they are all sold out I'll give you a dollar, if they have one, you give me a dollar"

OK, so we went in and they had one left, he was so tickled!! We get back in the car and Sky said, I know why they had one in stock, "It is Sunday, and everyone else is at home watching church on TV, so I got the last one" Next time a new video game comes out, I want to come to Hollywood Video on Sunday so I can rent that one too!"

Nice parenting skills I have huh, lesson learned (for me that is)

p.s. if you are wondering why this new blog, please see former post!!