Friday, October 24, 2008

I am not that bad

Well after Kristal called it to my attention with the shenis talk, and the good in bed post, the comment whore button, and now I have added the good in bed button to my blog, I am feeling my blog is becoming a skank! I just have to tell you all, that I am not one, well maybe I am, but I usually don't advertise it! Maybe it is just subconscious and I am trying to tell you all something, who knows!

Anyways, Kristal tagged me, I am supposed to add 7 things about myself, I know I have gotten a few tags lately and I have been bad at doing them! Sorry to all my tag your it's! I just did a post on my house of art blog not too long ago like this, it was 7 quirky things about me: you can click on that link, if you missed it, and really want to know more about my bad habits!

I think this one is just 7 things about me, you all might not know

  1. we live 3 months of the year in Scottsdale, Arizona (we are not going back this year and I already have anxiety about staying here ALL WINTER LONG!)

  2. I had 4 miscarriages, both of my babies are adopted, I rarely tell people, even if they ask

  3. I weigh myself twice a day, or after going to the bathroom.

  4. I do anything I can to avoid cleaning.

  5. We travel so much, I get bored when I am home for too long.

  6. I am very easy going, it takes a lot to get me mad, stressed or worried about anything, which drives my husband crazy! because I don't worry enough.

  7. we have 4 llama's, 2 bunnies and 2 dogs! and I actually am sad that the "Girls Next Door" broke up.

There you have it, you can judge me all you like, but I still look hot in my bikini on the side bar!


Kristina P. said...

What do you do when in Scottsdale? What months?

And I can't even remember the last time I weighed myself. The scale is my worst enemy.

Wendy said...

There is a 10 week art fevtival there, that we sale our art in, so we go from Jan. to April, I can't talk about it, I'll cry!

Erin said...

Can I come over to your house and avoid cleaning with you?

And can I take some of your laid back-ness? Because I am way too uptight.

Rychelle said...

i LOVE art festivals!

did you ever tell me where i can see/buy your art?!?

Jillene said...

That is awesome!! I can't beleive you have llamas--do they spit on you or just karate kick the he!! out of you?

Vanessa said...

I too will miss seeing Kendra's disgusted face when Hef would kiss her. Who will he date now???

Geez you big skank. I would put the GIB button on my blog, but my nieces and nephews would click on it and then their moms would hate me even more then they already do. I'll just read it silently to myself and leave anonymous comments. I have to come up w/a good stripper name. Are you muffin? Candi? Roxi? I'll figure it out one of these days.

Wendy said...

I will never give away my secret identity! But I am sure one day you will figure out who I am, when ever I comment, I feel like people know who I am because of how I say it? So Who are you Vanessa?

Whitney R said...

I really like you. lol. As a friend :)

And you poo twice a day? I'm jealous.

I weigh myself in the mornings after I pee, and depending on how long it's been since I have "been to the bathroom" I subtract 1/2-1 pound.


Wendy said...

Yeah Whitney too much Info!!
No, I don't poo twice a day! I meant i weigh myself after peeing too, I didn't realize I had to make that clear!

*MARY* said...

I'm looking and looking for the bikini picture but can't find it, what's up with that?

Wendy said...

Mary, I know, I just realized that the biniki photo is on my old blog, opps

Kristal said...

You are too funny! Love how the pets and Girls Next Door count as one thing together! And I liked your old tag too.

I love painting with my hands, though I don't get to very often. Do you use acyrlics or are you just that good at cleaning up oils?

I also weigh myslef after using the potty (every advantage I can get on that counts!) I used to get bored when we didn't move enough and would rearrange furniture ALL the time.

This was fun!

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious, it's always fun to see what your going to post next!...BTW I'd anything to avoid doing my cleaning also.

Anonymous said...

what i meant, I would do anything to avoid the cleaning too!

Fitzwater Family said...

Well now you have completly blown your blogs name. Not Going Incognito any more?

Brooke said...

Hello, you comment whore who is good in bed! I would use both of the buttons, but my grandma, dad and mom all read my blog. I don't think my mom would have a hard time with it, but the other two would. Though, let me tell you, I really want them on my blog! Good for airing all of your quirks. Fun to know that I'm not the only kooky one (hee,hee). I think you're great!

Christa said...

I cried when Holly & Hef broke up. I'm not kidding.

Wendyburd1 said...

Holly and Hef cannot be over! She even works for the company now...or did!! Nooooo! The other 2 are annoying so WE, but not Holly!! Yeah I am sad...LOL

You guys weigh yourselves TOO often. You should (if you MUST) weigh yourself first thing in the morning after your...uhhh...B.M.(take a guess) and that is it. You get heavier as the day goes on.

Llamas?! Ewww spitters!! Hey WHAT BIKINI PIC??!! Trickster!