Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beverly Hills!

Yes!!  That is Queen Latifah! 
My art in the booth!  

View from our room! 

Malen and I just got back from exhibiting the the Beverly Hills art show in Beverly Hills, CA.

It was so beautiful there, we really didn't get to see much, because we spent our time setting
up for the show ( my booth took all afternoon!)  and sitting at the show.

Highlights of our show!

*The best sushi I have ever had!  
A client of Malen's took us out to a great dinner, I am a little sushi shy and stick to California rolls, but this time I was brave and loved what I got!! YUMMY

*We laughed so much, our friend who is a professional comedian came with us, and kept us
laughing the entire trip!! 

*I made great contacts, like an interior designer, a set designer and someone who wants to market my art!!!

*Our Hotel was beautiful, and had an amazing view overlooking L.A and Beverly Hills with a Balcony to take it all in! 

*and the best for last, Malen met Queen Latifah and she got an owl!!   She was amazingly down to earth, and wants another LARGE  piece for her home in New Jersey!!   He was able to talk to her and her mom for 20 minutes

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, we are basically moving to Arizona, and wow this Utah spring has sure made it so easy
for me to decide!  It is May 3, cold and raining, it has been, what a 7 month winter.

Ever since we went to Arizona 4 years ago for our first winter there, I have wanted to move there, I love it!  I love the desert, many people disagree with me, but I think it is so beautiful, I love the cactus and the red dirt!  Plus, Hello shopping, amazing restaurants and some culture! 
 I started bugging Malen to move to Scottsdale and he said NO way!   So whatever.  Then after one long cold winter, ( we didn't go to Scottsdale this year) he realized it sucked here.  We have a really close friend who lives in Paradise Valley and talked Malen into moving there, and told him how many opportunities he will have with his art.

Funny how the mind works because as soon as Malen decided he wanted to move, I said, hmmm, no I want to stay here!!   So we have been discussing it for 2 months.  I was on the fence but this weather has helped me change my mind,  I can't stand it any more!  Really, I think since last what October/November it has been sunny 10 days?  

I am just posting this for myself, because I feel like it makes it more real if I write it down. Since my mom reads my family blog, and I have decided not to tell her for a while.  I don't want to deal with her drama about the entire thing!!!  This blog is pretty dead, as I just have been posting on my family blog, and am now addicted to facebook! 

We are keeping our house here too, and planning on coming home for some of the hot summer!
Sadly I won't miss many people here, which is mean to say!  I just wish Ryan and Tobi would move with us and then I would be happy!   Our plan is to make lots of money and find connections for Ryan to come down and do railing there!!!

 ( I am not talking about my old Logan pals!  I will miss you, I just never see you any more, so when I think who I will miss, I miss you guys already!  Maureen and Lael!)  

We are waiting until fall, since we have art shows all summer, plus I figure will wait out some of the HOT!  I called the Arizona school Sky went to last year and the first day is August 10th, what?  that is the middle of summer!   I think we are not going until Labor day, since Malen has 3 art shows in August, and I don't want to move and be sitting there alone!!  anyways....

This is a serious ramble! and not really for anyone but myself!  So if you read this, sorry it is just random thoughts 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finders Fee

I usually don't use my blog for such personal reasons! I But I am selling my car, it is a fun, sporty, fast car!

If you find someone to buy my car, I will pay you $200 cash!!

A Mercedes C240 - 4 matic all wheel drive. I don't want to bore you with all the details, so I will include my KSL link to my car for more mechanical information! I am in love with a LR3, but it is for sale from a private owner, which means I have to sell my car before I can get the new one!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I love church

Today at church we had two great prayers, both made me laugh out loud!

The first prayer was by a Sunbeam! The Primary President stands up and helps him,
she whispers in his ear,
Please bless those who are sick
Boy: What?
Pres: Please bless those who are sick
Boy: WHAT?
Pres: Please bless those who are sick!
Pres: I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
Boy: NO, the other thing you said!
Pres: Just say I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!
Boy: No, what was the first thing you said!
Pres: Please bless those who are sick!
Boy: WHAT?
Pres: Just say AMEN!!
Boy: What was the other thing you said!
Boy: Amen!!!

Then Sacrament rolls around, and a 80 year old man says the prayer, yes we went from
one extreme to the next.
"I am so grateful that so many people in the ward are attractive, it makes it so much easier to come to church"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Forgot how to blog!

So I haven't blogged for SO LONG! that I have forgotten how to blog about nothing!
Every day I think, I should go blog, but I can't think of anything to say! Sorry to my fans!

I do have to tell you, if you have a little brat, and think they will grow out of it, they don't, it gets worse!! don't wait until your child is 8 to unspoil him! My plans are taking a little longer to work than I thought they would!

My poor little boy has been walking out the door, to get into the car to go to a movie, when he
had to go back home, for calling me an idiot!! Has had a slurpee returned in front of him, for crying that I didn't get him a big enough size. Had his teacher asked if he can stay in for recess if he is late for school. ( he pokes around all morning, and I am tired of nagging him) He doesn't get in trouble at school for being late! Well he does now!
And still, he is fighting me every step of the way, I thought I would have won by now, but this kid is strong willed I tell you!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Lucky Girl!

I called to report for my jury duty in the morning, and


This is the third time in my lifetime, that I have been summoned, and been released over the phone! I am doing the happy dance tonight.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just wanted to thank all of you LOSERS, who told me to fill out my jury questionnaire
honestly, because now I have been SUMMONED FOR JURY DUTY! and yes, I am blaming
you all, because I have no one else to be mad at!!
I will give more details after Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to UN spoil your Child!

First, Sorry for leaving you all!! I went to Chicago in December, got back, got busy from the Holiday's. Sort of decided that blogging is a waste of my time. Really, I would post then spent hours reading all your blogs, and it was taking away from my family. So I needed to take a break, but I didn't realize for how long. I am back, I won't post as much, but a little! I will come by and say hi very soon.
Who am I kidding, I'll probably be back to stalking ya all, wasting all my time again. But I will try not to be as addicted as before.

OK, How to Unspoil your child --

At Christmas, I realized I had one, VERY SPOILED KID! Duh, I saw it coming. But at my sister's house the day after Christmas, after getting, about 50 toys, he gets a darling book, and fleece pants. His face was rotten, he about started to cry. This was from his Grandpa, can he be a little nice? Just say, wow thanks! (not to mention now, he doesn't even play with the toy, they gave him next, which I wish they would have just thrown in the trash~) but he has read the book over and over, and loves to put his pants on after school. but this is besides the point.

So I buy a book on Amazon, how to unspoil your child, fast! Perfect I think, I order it, I read it, it doesn't give a ton of advice, but it does have some great attention getter's, so your kids know you are serious. For example, returning a toy, when they are rude. Walking out of movies, and restaurants.

Restaurants is a issue with our family, we can't take this guy out to dinner, mostly because he is anorexic and doesn't care about food in the slightest, so why sit and be quiet while you wait for food, that you won't even eat?

A few hours after reading this idea, we ended up going out to lunch. Instant Hell, fighting with his sister, whining, not telling us what he wants to order. So I say, OK, Lets go!

I forgot to mention, that my husband, Malen, LOVES FOOD! Loves it more than me, I tell you, and we were at the Red Iganua in SLC, YUMMY!! So I anounce were leaving, and grab both kids by the arm. But I did not have spousal support, and he wasn't about to leave his lunch.

I take the kids out to the car, and wait patiently for Malen. When he comes out, he has ordered take out for the kids, Yeah, I was P.O'd!! How on earth do they learn their lesson, when their food gets delivered to them in the car? My thought was we'd drive all the way home, with them crying, we are hungry. GOOD, next time have manners.

But no, that was instantly gone, instead of just putting the food in the trunk, I go LOCO, on Malen. I am sure I had bottled up anger for the situation, and he was the perfect target.
Does he take is lying down, NOPE!.. HE is Mad as hell too, he was mad he ate alone and was so curtious to bring us food, and for no thanks, what so ever.

I will not go into all the details, but there was yelling, Get out of the car!! No, you get out of the car, and ended with me reaching into the Mexican Take out and throwing a chicken enchilada right into his face. Opps. guess I need to read, how to say sorry to your husband!