Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to UN spoil your Child!

First, Sorry for leaving you all!! I went to Chicago in December, got back, got busy from the Holiday's. Sort of decided that blogging is a waste of my time. Really, I would post then spent hours reading all your blogs, and it was taking away from my family. So I needed to take a break, but I didn't realize for how long. I am back, I won't post as much, but a little! I will come by and say hi very soon.
Who am I kidding, I'll probably be back to stalking ya all, wasting all my time again. But I will try not to be as addicted as before.

OK, How to Unspoil your child --

At Christmas, I realized I had one, VERY SPOILED KID! Duh, I saw it coming. But at my sister's house the day after Christmas, after getting, about 50 toys, he gets a darling book, and fleece pants. His face was rotten, he about started to cry. This was from his Grandpa, can he be a little nice? Just say, wow thanks! (not to mention now, he doesn't even play with the toy, they gave him next, which I wish they would have just thrown in the trash~) but he has read the book over and over, and loves to put his pants on after school. but this is besides the point.

So I buy a book on Amazon, how to unspoil your child, fast! Perfect I think, I order it, I read it, it doesn't give a ton of advice, but it does have some great attention getter's, so your kids know you are serious. For example, returning a toy, when they are rude. Walking out of movies, and restaurants.

Restaurants is a issue with our family, we can't take this guy out to dinner, mostly because he is anorexic and doesn't care about food in the slightest, so why sit and be quiet while you wait for food, that you won't even eat?

A few hours after reading this idea, we ended up going out to lunch. Instant Hell, fighting with his sister, whining, not telling us what he wants to order. So I say, OK, Lets go!

I forgot to mention, that my husband, Malen, LOVES FOOD! Loves it more than me, I tell you, and we were at the Red Iganua in SLC, YUMMY!! So I anounce were leaving, and grab both kids by the arm. But I did not have spousal support, and he wasn't about to leave his lunch.

I take the kids out to the car, and wait patiently for Malen. When he comes out, he has ordered take out for the kids, Yeah, I was P.O'd!! How on earth do they learn their lesson, when their food gets delivered to them in the car? My thought was we'd drive all the way home, with them crying, we are hungry. GOOD, next time have manners.

But no, that was instantly gone, instead of just putting the food in the trunk, I go LOCO, on Malen. I am sure I had bottled up anger for the situation, and he was the perfect target.
Does he take is lying down, NOPE!.. HE is Mad as hell too, he was mad he ate alone and was so curtious to bring us food, and for no thanks, what so ever.

I will not go into all the details, but there was yelling, Get out of the car!! No, you get out of the car, and ended with me reaching into the Mexican Take out and throwing a chicken enchilada right into his face. Opps. guess I need to read, how to say sorry to your husband!


Kristina P. said...

First, I'm glad you're back.

And second, I'm glad you're back sharing this!

Jillene said...

I am glad that you are back!! This was a great post. I have 2 girls that order food and never eat it--angers me every time!!

the letter Bee said...

Yay I'm glad to see you are back!

Doublebanker said...

Glad to see you're daughter eats well at dinner time. But our boys is already being a PITA

Check out my latest post with a high-speed gif of a ketchup bottle being broken by a bullet

clan of the cave hair said...

oh! The old "mama's going to try a new technique but forgot to tell dad about it" catch...daaaaaaang-it. Did he wipe it off and forcefeed it to you?

Wendyburd1 said...

I missed you Wendy!! Maybe give HIM the book to read so he knows spoiled kids need to be taught a lesson...because the waste of food is a sad, sad thing!:)

Debbie said...

Oh shoot! Well that didn't work!
I would make a list of the things you need to work on with him (sky not malen )LOL and go over it with him and tell him what you expect from him...Then just start seriously sticking to your guns! That's what we've had to do..then they know you mean business..And you guys need to be on the same page..that helps too LOL
Just some thoughts..

Debbie said...

OH and quit buying him so much!! LOL I know ..I should talk!
:) Good luck!!
Miss you guys!

So said...

I would have been mad too. Probably not chicken enchilada in the face mad but mad.

Mina said...

When my girls were very little we had passes to the Wild Animal Park. One time we went and they were being terrible. So after a couple of threats, we left. That must have been 9 years ago, but they still remember, and know I'll walk out, even if I really have no intention to!

So I guess you need to pick your moment, and be on the same page with your husband, but I think that technique can work!

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