Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, we are basically moving to Arizona, and wow this Utah spring has sure made it so easy
for me to decide!  It is May 3, cold and raining, it has been, what a 7 month winter.

Ever since we went to Arizona 4 years ago for our first winter there, I have wanted to move there, I love it!  I love the desert, many people disagree with me, but I think it is so beautiful, I love the cactus and the red dirt!  Plus, Hello shopping, amazing restaurants and some culture! 
 I started bugging Malen to move to Scottsdale and he said NO way!   So whatever.  Then after one long cold winter, ( we didn't go to Scottsdale this year) he realized it sucked here.  We have a really close friend who lives in Paradise Valley and talked Malen into moving there, and told him how many opportunities he will have with his art.

Funny how the mind works because as soon as Malen decided he wanted to move, I said, hmmm, no I want to stay here!!   So we have been discussing it for 2 months.  I was on the fence but this weather has helped me change my mind,  I can't stand it any more!  Really, I think since last what October/November it has been sunny 10 days?  

I am just posting this for myself, because I feel like it makes it more real if I write it down. Since my mom reads my family blog, and I have decided not to tell her for a while.  I don't want to deal with her drama about the entire thing!!!  This blog is pretty dead, as I just have been posting on my family blog, and am now addicted to facebook! 

We are keeping our house here too, and planning on coming home for some of the hot summer!
Sadly I won't miss many people here, which is mean to say!  I just wish Ryan and Tobi would move with us and then I would be happy!   Our plan is to make lots of money and find connections for Ryan to come down and do railing there!!!

 ( I am not talking about my old Logan pals!  I will miss you, I just never see you any more, so when I think who I will miss, I miss you guys already!  Maureen and Lael!)  

We are waiting until fall, since we have art shows all summer, plus I figure will wait out some of the HOT!  I called the Arizona school Sky went to last year and the first day is August 10th, what?  that is the middle of summer!   I think we are not going until Labor day, since Malen has 3 art shows in August, and I don't want to move and be sitting there alone!!  anyways....

This is a serious ramble! and not really for anyone but myself!  So if you read this, sorry it is just random thoughts 


The Boob Nazi said...

You can still be addicted to facebook and blog at the same time!

clan of the cave hair said...

But your random thoughts make me so happy! Hoooraaaay for Arizona. I love it here, and whatever people say, the desert IS beautiful. I will be excited for you to get here.

Wendyburd1 said...

BLOG too please!! And how exciting, it is SOOOO good you know you have friends already there you know hoe our move to Florida went....ew. How are the kids taking it? Oh and the bio's? Is it a bad drive to visit?? I have no clue where things are geographically!!! Oops!

Kristina P. said...

That's so exciting, Wendy! And I'm happy you updated this blog!

I think you will not regret keeping the house here, in the summer.

I am having a meet and greet on June 13th, so you should try to come before you leave!

Jillene said...

How exciting!! My husband's sister lived in AZ and they LOVE it. I am sure that you will too.

I am addicted to Facebook too. Look me up Jillene Schow Cox.

Christa said...

I think the desert is beautiful too. I would just rather look at it in pictures. ☺ The summer heat would absolutely kill me. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. If there's a place where the weather stays 72 degrees all year long, that's where I want to be.

Good luck with the move! It really does sound exciting, despite the heat. ☺

Whitney R said...

I welcome the ramble - ANYTHING! I've missed you. I like warm, too. We've had a long winter as well. But we do EVERY winter. I ache for warm weather and an ocean or anything. Find me on facebook!

Good luck with everything!

SO said...

Good to hear from you! And I hope the move is a good one for you. I think you are wise to wait until the fall to move. What a shock that would be to move directly into that heat. And very cool that you can keep the house here in Utah so you can come here and escape the heat if you need to. Good luck with all the Art shows and the move!

Kristal said...

Yay for us! AZ is great and the heat really isn't that bad. We love it here - all year :D

Lael said...

I'm so sad! But I understand ... just this week I was remembering a conversation I had with Jeff when you guys moved from Logan ... "Lael," he said. "You can't drive out to Wendy's house more that twice a week. We can't afford the gas!" So sad that a half hour drive seems so insurmountable ... maybe a drive to Arizona will be more manageable (it is heading south, after all). I still feel way sad ... mostly about missed opportunities of hanging out with you. I'm sorry Lewiston is so weird. I'm sorry Logan winters are so cold, but you know there is good and bad in wherever you are. I'm too sad, now I have to call you!

Debbie said...

Once you get here and will NEVER want to go back!!
We will LOVE having you here!!