Friday, November 28, 2008

This was bound to happen!

SO, I just posted about the good in bed blog on my family and birth family blog! This day was bound to happen! I hope I caught it before any of them read it!! AHHH. Freaking out here a little!! I wrote the word oral sex for my mom to read. BLUSH!

So now my little post about the blog doesn't seem so important. This was the main point!
I said,

Why watch a Soap Opera when you can read the good in bed blog! I am not talking about the posts, I am talking about the comments. They post about oral sex and not one negative comment! (by me either by the way :)
they post about pedicures, and shaving, etc. and the claws came out!!
The comments were a fun read, and
I do not dare say that I quite favor pedicures now, I never knew how much controversy having a Oriental that doesn't speak English painting your toes while she makes fun of you would make!!

If you don't follow the blog and want to read what I am talking about, click here

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Back

I am sorry my friends! Last week was SO crazy! getting home from the cruise, then it was Sky's birthday the day we got home, so with no time to rest, I had to go bday shopping for him, because I spoil my kids rotten, then my mom came to visit, then Sky got sick! then my computer went down! SO!! I am going to post a few highlights from the cruise and if you really care, and want to see a million photos you can go my other blog! I am going to post tons more photos on that blog, since my family and birth family read it, I figure they will be the ones who want to see a million photos of my kids on the beach!! I posted the first few days, and will be posting Mazatlan and Cabo tonight or in the morning! on my family blog! I will come by and say hi to you all tonight, I have been sick today and slept all afternoon, so now I need to go do chores, yeah me!

I am so sad I missed another meet and greet, my computer crashed last Thursday and I didn't even realize there was another one, til it was too late! Next Time I swear!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Day

We were SO excited for Sky to be born, Juanita's due date was November 15th, and we were on pins and needles! I woke up on November 17th and I told Malen I think today is baby day! "Oh whatever!" was what Malen said back to me. "No, really!! I can feel it, I think the baby is going to be born today!" 2 minutes later, Lynn our social worker calls and says "I just got a call from Tammie, she said Juanita had just seen the Doctor yesterday, and no news, looks like she will probably not have the baby over the weekend. "Ha, Malen said!" "I told you, you are just excited!"
I told Malen I don't care what he said, I had a feeling inside. About an hour later the phone rang again!! Juanita is in labor and at the hospital, she should have the baby really soon!!!
We were SO excited!! But instead of sitting by the phone, my friend came over and we went to lunch, all I could think about was Juanita. After lunch she and I went shopping and bought some baby needs, I had piles of clothes, but she said, you need the necessities, so we got wash clothes, diapers, nail clippers, and such!
We come home and Malen is pacing, "where have you been, Lynn has called here 3 times, but won't tell me anything until you get home!! "
We call Lynn back as fast as we can, and soon we are on a conference call with Tammie, who says Juanita has something she wants to tell us!!
Within a minute, she has Juanita on the phone, and Juanita tells us the baby is here! She told us about the labor and how cute Sky is, then Tammie slips and said "how much does he weigh?"
HE weigh?? WHAT? So I said, "now it is a girl right?" NO, IT IS A BOY!! Juanita announces to us. We all started laughing, we were so shocked, the ultra sound said it was a girl, we had tons and tons of girl clothes.
It was the best surprise of our lives, we were in shock for a few days, but it was so fun.
That was also the longest weekend of our lives also, I had peace in my heart and I knew that it would all work out, it was just LONG!!
I will post about the day we met Sky on Gotcha Day! As you all know, we have just got home from a FABULOUS Mexican Riviera cruise, and I have SO many photos and stories, but I am overloaded with laundry, and such so it will have to wait, but I wanted to share Sky's birth story since he just had his 8th birthday yesterday!!
We love you Sky!! You are an amazing little spirit, your smile makes my heart melt, you are so smart, and sweet. Your sister may disagree on the sweet part, but we know it is there! (on our cruise, Sky met this little buddy, and his buddy told me all Sky talks about is his sister!) Sky has blessed our lives and taught us so much, he is a miracle to me. To Tyler and Juanita, Judy, Anita and all our amazing birth family, we love you all so much, you have enriched and blessed our lives, we are so grateful for the love you have for us and Sky and Solee. I am grateful for the openness we have, and think of all of you as family.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I know your blogs will be a little lonely, but I'll

be back soon, with a tan!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Got caught Cheating!

I just got caught cheating! I am dying here! what is the worst kind of deception you can do? Not cheat on your husband, cheat on your hair stylist!

So I have 2 hair stylist, I usually go to the one, but when she is busy, or can't fit me in, I go to the other one. I got a wild hair and had to had my hair cut this instant. So I call my first gal, Stephanie, she said maybe she can do it, she had a cancellation on Thursday, and just offered it to someone else, but they haven't confirmed, I wait a day for her to call back, and she doesn't so I call Mandy, Yeah! She can get me in on Friday.

Two seconds later Stephanie calls me back, and leaves a message, but I don't call her, I feel dumb saying well I just scheduled an appointment with Mandy.

Skip forward to today, I am about to walk out of Mandy's with my new do, and I see Stephanie walking towards the door, WHAT? First of all Mandy's salon is in her basement, why on earth is Stephanie coming here! Then to make matters worse, I am an artist and I trade painting and such for hair cuts, I made them both the same painting, and the paintings are both hanging in their salons! So Stephanie walks in, and says to me "I am so sorry, are you mad at me?" I called you back, but you didn't return my call!" So now Mandy knows I tried to schedule with Stephanie first, ahhh!!

Then Stephanie says "I was just came by to see my twin painting", and Mandy says "no, you have my twin painting!" Nice, caught double cheating, on art and on hair stylist!! Well ya' all know how stylist are (gossipy) So I decided not to leave until Stephanie did! I didn't want them to talk about me after I left!!

Here is my disclaimer, I never knew that the other one would find out about the paintings, I am not that tacky! They both have salons out of their homes, and 20 miles apart, I never knew the same client would go to both places, and then tell the stylist about it. When Stephanie first asked me for a painting, I didn't even know she was going to put it in her salon! I thought she wanted it for her house, so I am not the bad guy here!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Names.

When Malen and I first got married, whenever we talked about having kids, Malen always wanted to name our first child Sky. He would always say, he was going to teach them that the Sky was the limit, this was going to be the name of our little boy! Also when he was 18 he had a fake ID, and his name was Sky, so I think that is another reason he liked the name so much, although he would never admit it!!

When we found out we had been chosen for adoption, we started talking about names again, Malen instantly brought up the name Sky, he loved it. We wrote down other choices but Sky was at the top, and both of us agreed that we loved it, and would see if our birth family liked it as well.

While we were doing our first face to face, with Tyler and Juanita (our birth parents) everything was going well, the social workers help the conversation along. When one of the social workers asked, "what about names? Has anyone thought about names for the baby?" Juanita said, "Well Tyler loves the name Sky!" I almost fell out of my seat, I basically screamed right back at them, "Malen loves that name!!" That is the name we had picked out!! " I think I told them how since we had first gotten married, that it was our top name, but being that it was 8 years ago, I am unsure!

It was such a sign and blessing from our Heavenly Father that this child was meant to be raised by us, and that Tyler and Juanita were meant to be our birth family.

I remember our social working saying, he couldn't believe it, he said do you know what a uncommon name that is, and how rare that both of you chose that name!! It was amazing, and still is!!

Now remember that the ultra sound said this was a girl! So I was going to name her Skye Noelle. You will have to stay tuned on Sky's actual birthday to hear the birth story!!

I may post this on my other blog too, since my family and birth family read it, they might enjoy the story, sorry if I will bore you!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't Drink and Vote!!

Did you know that it is the law, atleast where I live, that bars and restaurants can not serve alcohol on election day, until 8 p.m. when the polls close! The reason is that, they do not want people to drink and then go vote, and vote drunk!!

My friend and I went to Iggy's today for lunch and they had signs all over, that due to that law, they could not serve alcohol! So I decided I would play a joke on our waitress, and I ordered a Corona, expecting her to say, "Oh I am sorry, ma'am, we can't serve beer today!" No, that is not what she did, she wrote it down on her little tab!

Fear started to fill my stomach, what if she brings me back a beer! What will I do! So I sheepishly said, "Never mind, I'll just have a Diet Coke!"

I have no idea if she knew I was bluffing and was trying to call me on it, or if she had just got to work and didn't know they couldn't serve beer! I was going to let her leave, with my beer order, thinking she'd come back and say sorry ma'am! But I wimped out, and got my safe Diet Coke!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

What is the best way to break in brand new hardwood floors?

Projectile Vomit! Yeah, that is what I am talking about!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

For Brittany!

So after reading Brittany's blog, it brought back lots of memories! I wanted to look for my scrapbook page that we did for LDS family services, Let me tell you all right up front, that Brittany's is MUCH CUTER! and back 8 years ago, they didn't tell us any rules about the scrapbook page, so mine would probably go in the hall of shame! As you can see, I am NOT a scrapbooker!! In fact they didn't even call it a scrapbook page back then it was a photo collage! Yes, I am showing my age!So no matter the pages, your birth family will find you, I am living proof! LOL! You must click on the pages to get the full effect...........

I couldn't find the first scrapbook page for our first adoption, but I could find the one we did for the second, I remember we had both pages filled with Sky and our Social Worker said, you have WAY too many photos of Sky in here, the birth mom with think you have no room for another baby, so we did one page of us and one page of us with Sky!

My advice to Brittany is just be yourself! We also had to give a portrait of ourselves and Malen had a Northface coat on, the social worker asked us if we wanted a more formal photo, we later found out by our birth mom that, because of that photo was one of the first reasons she liked us and was drawn to us, the birth father loved to ski and always wore North Face jackets!!

By the way, November is National Adoption month, so I think I will be posting some more adoption stories this month!! Good Luck Brittany

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I fell off the Wagon

After bragging about my weight loss and the cute boy's checking a mom out, I have fallen of the wagon! We went out of town for a few days, we were getting new hardwood floors put in, we had to move all our furniture into the kitchen and bedrooms, so we had no living area, and my kids followed the guy around the house, while he pulled the carpet out, so we figured best get out of his hair!
We had lots of fun, I ate out a few times and snacked a little vowing to go strict when I got home. OPPS! I forgot the next day was Halloween, and I have 4 bags of snickers, baby ruth's, butterfingers, smarties, and anything else full of fat and sugar, I have pigged out! SO, it was Halloween, Saturday I'll start fresh, nope! All day today, I was grabbing a sweet something out of the kids bags, BLAH! I need help!
A blogging Intervention, PLEASE!